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    Shoud I Switch to Arch?

    I'm interested in hearing what experienced Arch users think about this: Is Arch a reasonable distro for my daily needs? I've been a computer hobbyist for 25 years, and while I'm by no means an expert I've always been able to find my way around/through any tech issues I've encountered. In other words, I'm not afraid of Arch. My concern is whether it's a reasonable platform on which to get work done. I typically have a fairly heavy load of website design/maintenance on my plate, and while I'm not adverse to resolving the occasional issue, I'd probably loose my mind if it resulted in significant downtime. I'm currently using Arch-based Manjaro, my favorite for speed and the fresh software available, and Arch obviously has those attributes as well...but will it drive me nuts with constant maintenance/breakage? Opinions, please!

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    I experimented with archlinux for a one year period during 2011. I didnt experience any breakage. But it is a system which needs some tweaking and maintenance and well suits hobbyists and experimentalists. It grows on you as you use it. But if you are a person who likes to works with a non obtrusive system you may not be that comfortable with it.
    Thats my humble opinion

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    Ozar is one of the full time Arch linux users here on this forum though he has retired and has layed back here lately.
    I see him post at the arch linux section of Linux Questions Org lately (I duck as they shoot at the messenger ).

    Arch and Crux users here are a small bunch and pretty closed vested group here.

    Here is a test drive model if interested on how well you may like to be a Arch Linux user yourself.
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    I have been running Arch for a few years now (current install first line of pacman.log [2009-01-03 23:40] installed filesystem (2008.03-2)
    ). I use it as a desktop system rather than server but find complete breakage of the system is rare. I have broken my own system a few times, usually by doing stupid things like pacman -Syuf.

    The news items on the home page typically flag up things that could break you system during updates or require user intervention ...

    working from memory I have had two problems (self inflicted - pacman -Syuf one with glibc and one with a filesystem update) and one from a module and having to add kernel parameters modprobe.blacklist=pata_acpi. I also recall having some fun with nouveau but I can remember if those were self inflicted or not ...

    Ed: I have a main Arch install with the applications I use (which I update first) but have a much smaller install for online banking etc which I can use to fix the main system if I break it ...
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    Thanks to all for the input! I installed Arch yesterday, and while it took me about 2 1/2 hours to accomplish, it went relatively smoothly. I got the xfce desktop working nicely, and everything worked fine, but try as I might I could never get my Canon printer to work. So I must confess that I've left Arch for now and returned to Manjaro. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that I could have resolved the printer issue (if it works with Manjaro, it will work with Arch), but I'd need more "fiddling time" than I currently have. It was a good experiment, I learned some things, and will definitely give Arch a run again in the future.

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    From all I've gathered on the subject that is actually what Arch is, a Distro for folks with a lot of "fiddle time" on their hands. I want something that I can install on a computer and be pretty much "good to go" right out of the gate and for me the Debian based Point Linux with it's MATE desktop is THE Distro for me. Not many extras to install once Point has been installed, just little things like Clementine, ClamTK, Gnome Disk Utilities(like it better then GParted) and a couple other little things that I like better then what's on the stock install but other then that it's an awesome, stable Distro that works well with a lot of different equipment from the older stuff to fairly new stuff.

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    I have an Epson printer and getting it to work on Arch is easier than on a Buntu distro.
    I used Yaourt to find a print driver and set it up with Cups.

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