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    Setting up Arch - not having a good time with the Wiki

    OK, I'm trying to go through the wiki and arch but I'm all over the shop.

    I've got Arch set up in VM Player but have no idea how I'm meant to start, and the beginner page doesn't have any sort of chronological information to follow through the process.

    running ls returns one result "install.txt"

    Honestly I haven't got a clue what I'm doing and have no further clue looking at the Wiki.

    I tried to verify the ISO using

    pacman-key -v iso-file.sig

    returns :

    ==>ERROR: The signature identified by iso-file.sig could not be verified

    get a similar error when trying to run the command :

    pacman-key -v iso-file.sig

    Basically this is going really badly I don't have a clue what I'm doing and can't follow the Wiki.

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    Are the sig file and iso in the same folder?

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    Cheers greg - yeah they're both in the same folder. arch.jpg

    Although I should probably note that since this post I've installed Ubuntu and deleted the Arch VM... Although Ubuntu has broken now as well.

    Great start with Linux all round

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    If you are just starting off in Linux you should not be trying out Arch. I would recommend using Mint. If you really want to do Arch I would do an Arch directive that is easy to set up. Like Manjaro Linux or something like that.

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    cheers electro - you're right I'm not using Arch any more.... although I'd like to come back to it at some point...

    I'm currently going through the partitions of Mint Mate on my other computer

    Should have marked solved, my bad

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