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    Network Configuration

    Hello everybody,

    i'm having a problem with both, arch/bluestar and opensuse 42.2. I'm trying to set up a LAN, having a Raspberry Pi and my Laptop. I also bought a Hub/Switch, connected it.

    It says now in the NetworkManager that the network adress is being resolved and ends up in an error message like: the ip-configuration is not available (hopefully rightly translated).

    looking at dhcpcd it says, "sending commands to master dhcpcd process. I'm having WiFi and my modem to the internet (enp0s18f2u1u3) connected, too - working without problems.

    when doing ifconfig i'm not having any eth0 but an eno0. Is this the same?

    Is my router working proberbly?

    How to set up a LAN network for my purpose?

    Help required,
    thx in advance,


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    Your wifi should also be connected to the router, and the router to the internet. Does the router have its own modem? If so, disconnect the stand-alone one. If not, then the modem should be plugged into the output connector of the router assuming the connectors are compatible. Next, configure both the laptop and pi to get dhcp addresses from the router unless the pi is always going to be on your LAN, in which case you can assign a static IP address. The router setup web interface should show you what are the allowed static address ranges, which you should be able to adjust if necessary. So, computers connect to router making up your LAN, router connects to the Internet / WAN. The router will also be your firewall.

    P.S. What make/model of router do you have?
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