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    Yea, the funny thing is that he was helping me and everything was coming together until "pacman -Syu" then the error started happening with the databases not syncing then he tried it in a vb on his end and it worked fine. The problem what I seem to have is very uncommon and he has never seen it before as well he asked his friends to see if they know anything and they haven't seen it ether before so they recommended me to come to this forum and ask to hope that someone else has had the same problem and maybe could help me figure out how to go about fixing it.

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    identical thread here:

    i consider that spamming.

    and you should follow the advice / answer the questions given there.

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    Just curious :P
    Did you do:
    #pacman-key --init
    #pacman-key --populate archlinux
    After you booted the distro?

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    Most sites that allow you to download .ISO package files also have a checksum associated (such as sha256sum) to verify that what you got is what they have. Checking the validity of the file is critical.
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    Please see It helped me a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toottoo View Post
    Please see It helped me a lot.
    gratuituous clickjack site.
    all info can be found on archwiki:
    but of course some people are just too bone-headed to find documentation in the most obvious place.

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