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    GNOME Terminal log outs

    Hello all! I have recently had to reinstall gnome because an update broke it, and I have just now started using gdm. I have noticed that when I use gdm to start gnome and I open the gnome terminal, it logs me out. Then I have to log back in. I have noticed that it only happens when I use the gnome terminal. I haven't been able to track down the problem in the logs.

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    funny, just a few minutes ago i posted this
    could have something to do with what you're experiencing.

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    Okay I think I found the cause of my problems. I have a custom cursor theme installed, and I read this article This seems to be my problem, because I have noticed that it is not just when using a terminal but also while trying to drag and drop items to my favorites bar. Changing the cursor theme back to the default seemed to fix the problem. I had no idea that the cursor theme could cause crashes, but it can. Thanks for the help anyway and I hope someone else who has these problems can benifit.

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