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    Neomutt sound notification.

    Hey. I am running Arch on my crappy Vaio. Useing neomutt, I am able to recieve notifications from the command below in muttrc. Would also like a sound notification. I have never figured out the system sounds, so I thought I could insert something like "xdg-open foo.wav", into the new_mail_command. I have tried every ideration I can think of. Something like "xdg-open foo.wav && notify- send........". Or as a seperate command, but it never plays. Is this even possible? In advance, thanxb2u

    set new_mail_command="notify-send --icon='/home/flounder/Pictures/Icon/mutt.png' 'New Email in %f' '%n new messages, %u unread.' &"

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    i think you'd be better off reading documentation yourself:
    i'd be surprised if you couldn't find at least partial relief there.
    also note the #SeeAlso at the bottom. more to read.
    maybe there's even a mailing list.

    is your problem specific to neomutt, or would it apply to mutt too?

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