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    Amateur looking to have my hand held while installing arch

    I've been using linux for a couple years, but only in a very limited capacity (ubuntu/mint). Finally worked up the nerve to move to something more difficult that would force me to learn things. This has definitely been the right choice! I spent the past two days floating between forums and the wiki trying to puzzle it out myself how to connect wifi and finish the install, but sixteen hours with limited (and mixed) results is about my limit for trying to hack it out independently.
    I would have taken this to the arch specific forum, but I guess my live cd doesn't return the correct info for their registration check, so I haven't been able to sign up there. Thanks in advance for the help, super grateful and excited to learn from this.

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    He will hold your hand:
    be faithful, and take every advice, every suggestion given as absolute truth!

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    Hi there sunshinegirl

    I also completed an Arch install a few weeks ago, in an effort to keep an old 32-bit machine up-to-date and useful. I did laugh after I did the initial setup from the live USB drive, booted the new system, and discovered that while the live USB had network connectivity by default, the new install didn't! Arch Linux is pretty "fundamental" and so you need to be prepared to Google the install to death. nihili is 100% correct, should you be inclined to ignore the advice... you have to read the excellent Arch Linux documents, and do as they say, to get it all to work. I messed about with the damn network interface for hours before I gave in and read it up slowly and made notes. Then it worked.

    One bit of advice would be to try and use a wired Ethernet connection to start off, get that going so that you have access to the pacman repos from the machine, and then get the wifi sorted?

    Good luck!


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