Several years ago I switched from Ubuntu to Manjaro. The reason I switched was the incorporation of snapd in Ubuntu plus some well founded Richard Stallman comments about Ubuntu's phoning home with personal information.

The Manjaro experience has been so far really excellent- I run Stable in a production environment on one laptop and one desktop. I run testing on a second desktop. The rolling release model has worked very well for me. Manjaro has been a very stable distro with a LOT of packages and simple CLI admin tools.

Unfortunately now, it seems that Manjaro has decided to open its legs to the corporate siren song much the way Ubuntu did, with the incorporation of snapd. I am not going to go into a rant here about Canonical and their lick fest with Microsoft yadayadayada but- I do not want to run a distro where I have to keep Wireshark open on another desktop to be able to see what the distro is doing.

I am curious about anyone here running Arch in a production environment, what your experiences may have been, how timely the security updates have been and what the update experience has been. I understand that Arch requires smarter administration than Manjaro but thats not a big problem for me, I have a pre GUI UNIX background.

Any comments or suggestions would be very appreciated.