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  1. Some ffmpeg video conversion observations...
  2. [SOLVED] ffmpeg, mkv, and Jackie Chan...
  3. Using ImageMagick to annotate pictures
  4. [SOLVED] mplayer does animated GIFs really well.
  5. xkcd & flash
  6. How can I make my images into themes for Xfce?
  7. Cribbage
  8. Having fun with SDL and game programming.
  9. Playing Cards
  10. ImageMagick equivalent to gimp tools->color tools->levels->auto
  11. How to create hierarchical view graphs in graphviz?
  12. Video Editing (50p)with linux
  13. Seemingly simple project (Need help!)
  14. Website logo (paying)
  15. How to make graphical text more readable
  16. Why are digital camera image files so large?
  17. What Linux programs can be used to access digital camera memory cards?
  18. Stitching Videos with Cat Not Working
  19. Help Needed in FFMPEG Tweaking Please.
  20. VLC Captured Video Way too big.
  21. compiling graphics file in java over linux
  22. Graphics Newbie Question
  23. Think I need to install usbvision module, to get video camera working
  24. Weird request #1: Landscape/world editors for Debian
  25. Convert .ai to .cdr
  26. Capturing Video Tool Using Simple Webcam
  27. Help in Auto Rename and Numbering of Pictures (CLI)
  28. Creating circle fuzz with GIMP 2.6
  29. Chrome
  30. Help Resizing Photo Sizes Using Terminal
  31. Digital Imaging Lab report HELP - Urgent
  32. Is there a Linux replacement for Printmaster?
  33. ffmpeg, webm, and multiple audio streams
  34. How to glow the background colour?
  35. Convert .3gp to mp4 Using ffmpeg
  36. Movie Slideshow From JPGs
  37. making a cartoon using mencoder
  38. Poor print quality on brother
  39. Gimp + Wacom problem
  40. Linux version of acrobat or pitstop pro
  41. Video file processing
  42. Inkscape: extra white space around rendered objects
  43. Apps and Suggestions for Press Quality Projects
  44. GD2 library (animated) gifs watermarking
  45. [SOLVED] Image Processing
  46. [SOLVED] Having Trouble with Installing Gimp in Ubuntu 10.04!
  47. Free Sofware cad/cam like Catia?
  48. GTK to Create/ Update a Label to display time
  49. Free software to create animations?
  50. Warbled Fonts on "Blender"
  51. Is the Gimp project dead?
  52. View/convert the JBG Images
  53. More documentations and DIY for Gimp + Gap
  54. Help on GTK/Glade
  55. censoring a part of an image using GIMP
  56. Gimp Layers and masks
  57. Trying to use Blender.
  58. Image in JFIG
  59. [SOLVED] Where to find Free Desktop Wallpapers for Dual Monitors?
  60. How to convert multi-page PDF into multi-page TIFF (single file)?
  61. Mouse theme
  62. Ktoon
  63. Image in SVG
  64. Animated wallpapers for enlightenment (e17)
  65. Best alternative to iMovie for making slide shows????
  66. Wallpapers / Backgrounds
  67. image capturing
  68. is there any freesoftware to Create Animations?
  69. Viewing Images
  70. can't find batch resizer to suit my needs
  71. Knoppix Gimp
  72. Will dual ATI cards work?
  73. [SOLVED] Problems installing the GIMP
  74. photoshop
  75. special effect maker like after effect

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