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  1. Tools to monitor process execution status in Android or linux
  2. Porting android to lg env touch vx11000 need help
  3. How close are we to a unix phone ? (not android)
  4. licensing for giving service to client [seeking for urgent reply]
  5. New Tablet
  6. possible to connect a USB external hard drive to an Android phone?
  7. want to ship linux on my old phone... is it possible?
  8. Remmina: server address not visible
  9. 800x480 16x9 display fault
  10. au1x00 usb device problem
  11. Mobile Phone with chrooting
  12. Photos recover
  13. OS for ipod touch 2nd gen?
  14. Permission for sysfs entries
  15. Small linux box
  16. Help with tablet gamepad driver
  17. Linux Ideology for smartphone
  18. look to escape windows but need syncability and afraid of the cloud
  19. Bricked ?
  20. Best Android Tablet For Education? And Best Apps?
  21. [SOLVED] Partition size when mounted is different from partition table
  22. Format option for SD card
  23. What are your expectation for Key Lime Pi?
  24. doing longdistance trip, need ultralight computing advice.
  25. I need to root a galaxy 10.1
  26. Has anyone attempted to put Ubuntu on HTC Evo 4g 3d?
  27. ADK2 and USB Audio
  28. perl on Android mobile??
  29. [HOW WORK APP] Ping Guardian
  30. sata file system in android os
  31. Linux equivalents for VideoReDo and Mediamonkey.
  32. Linux On Apple Devices?
  33. choose Open Source OS for embedded application
  34. sync android/desktop with open source?
  35. Smart Phones, Ubuntu Touch, Verzion, ect?
  36. Seeking advice on buying a new phone
  37. Running Linux on Android Smartphone via Emulator
  38. Assign directories name into its own file
  39. [SOLVED] Android (Nexus4) and MTP finally works.
  40. Samsung Galaxy Y Pro (GT-B5510L) keeps rebooting
  41. Which tablets can run something like Ubuntu Touch?
  42. Advantage?
  43. [SOLVED] KindleFire rooted -cannot stat 'stack' error
  44. boot.img too large!!!
  45. Using Android NDK, attempts to build gcc for use ON the actual phone
  46. Best Android OBD II program?
  47. What package manager does Android use?
  48. Greed on Android
  49. What exactly IS Firefox OS?
  50. Help getting to the bootloader of this tablet
  51. Linux on tablet
  52. Why do you HAVE to write stuff for Firefox OS in Javascript/HTML 5?
  53. Any Firefox OS phones with GPS?
  54. Buying Jolla Tablet from Indiegogo?
  55. Pricing Firefox OS apps differently for different countries....
  56. Firefox OS, Kiducation, Android, etc. etc..... please read
  57. Can a mobile website access GPS location data?
  58. Is it possible for a mobile website to access the camera?
  59. Remote access from talbet
  60. Good Anti-Virus for Android?
  61. Design of Android
  62. Updating Android and other questions.
  63. Man, covers are expensive.
  64. Formatting Micro-SD cards for Android?
  65. Good Apps for Android??
  66. Any linux on any tablet: is it possible?
  67. To Root or Not To Root, that is the question?
  68. looking for Linux distro which supports X on an Octa Core Dev Board?
  69. Consumer question - which Android phone?
  70. Best Linux Distro for Android Tablet & how to install with a Mac
  71. How many USB ports does a RaspberryPi have?
  72. How does one install software on Android...?
  73. skype is not authenticated on my mobile device.
  74. cables
  75. Unlocking Sony Xperia M4 Aqua (Android) bootloader with Debian?

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