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    The Ultimate Boot Disk

    After a little experience last night, I can't recommend enough getting a working copy of knoppix on hand before seriously messing with your computer.

    I accidentally messed fstab while installing a third linux os. The boot dropped me into a root shell, but I never ended up learning the commands for vim. Fortunately knoppix had (my newbie friendly) nano. The changes to fstab weren't difficult, I knew what I did wrong once I looked at it, however, not knowing the commands for vim made me mess fstab up much worse....

    Needless to say, knoppix saved a lot of time, I can't recommend it enough for people who are learning to break their system.

    It's, like, the most awesome boot disk man.

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    Yup i cant say it enough on IRC and newbie's laugh at me....they will learnwhen they bork grub or fstab and rescue on there install cd dosnt work.... And as you found out you then get to fix it in X not in console
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    then i think i can mess up enough:
    i've got knoppix 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, knoppix-std, knoppix-std1.0b,slax4-1.2,mandrake live, auditor and gentoo live

    haven't tried gentoo yet, but slax and knoppix-std1.0b are my favorites, but thats just me.

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    As a "fix my box" boot disk, I like the Gentoo LiveCD better. The boot is a little quicker and it doesn't bother with a GUI.

    I have, however used it to fix many a problem. Especially when I 86'd devfsd and went to udev.
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    Worth mentioning is the bootloader disk image on slackware cd's. If you boot from that floppy, you're able to choose which device to boot from.

    It's perfect if the MBR gets damaged, but the OS is okay.

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