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    I got introduced to linux ? in about 1995-7 and han no use for if so i didn't use it.
    step forward to today i heard there were good or great gui's for linux so........

    About 6mos. ago i started researching available distro's decided on SuSe pro obviosly with the books, though i find the books harder :banghead: to use than just playing with the varibles etc..but at least they point me in the general direction. I love KDE, however i find it eisier & faster to use a command line to realy do anything significant.

    linux is fun.......and now that i have found this board it shall go faster, ansers are at hand!
    ~Mike ~~~ Forum Rules
    Testing? What's that? If it compiles, it is good, if it boots up, it is perfect. ~ Linus Torvalds

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    I was first introduced to Linux about 10 years ago when the computer company I worked for decided to become one of the first ISP's in this town.

    I helped the ISP guys set it up and started playing around in my own bash login on one of the servers. Wrote a few scripts for them and was off and running (okok ... off and strolling). I ordered Yggdrasil Linux, fdisked my machine and installed (386sx 16, 4 meg of ram, 1 meg video, 20 meg hard drive).
    It took 24 hours to install.

    I played with it for about 2 weeks and reinstalled Win3.1.

    On and off over the years I would play with different versions, until about 4 years ago when the company I was doing Java Programming for needed some help with their servers, they were running RH 6.2 and I fell in love.. it was wonderful to actually be able to do things easily with it.

    Now I am a big advocate of SuSE , I run SuSE Pro 8.2 on my machine at home and at work and have SuSE Enterprise 8 (SLES) running on about 25 servers at work. We use it exclusively for our Oracle databases and to run Samba for authentication and file sharing.

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    how come Linux ?

    Not really sure how I got hooked on Linux...probably had something to with paying so much for Window's and their products...and got tired of seeing filthy rich Bill Gates face in the news all the time...but, here now !!

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