every see it? Man, that was a great movie!
anyway, speaking strictly from a user's perspective (I'm no tech and have never written a line of code in my life, prolly wouldn't recogize code if I saw it) Linux seems to be in a catch-22 in terms of usability for the average user. Since MS is so widely used and so many apps are written for it, it seems the only way Linux can get a real foothold with the general public is to either be able to run windows apps smoothly inside Linux, or get these other software developers to make Linux versions, which they don't seem to willing until Linux gets more of a foothold..
I know WINE is coming along, but I've had a hard time getting what I need to run correctly, if at all, since often times not only are apps written for the MS environment, but they require things such as explorer, IE, Word, a PDF viewer, etc. Which means to run under WINE, these other things have to be accessible under the fake_windows...unless an app running under WINE can get those needed things from the Linux side.
BTW I'm not talking about a dual boot.
I have a belief in Linux, and am willing to fight through to get things to work the way I need it to, but the average user won't be - they just want to click a couple icons and go.

Not that this is new information to anyone, I just felt like yakking. Also, I'm not reffering to gaming here - there seems to be plenty of resources for that. I'm talking about the business atmosphere...none of my co-workers have even heard of Linux, and I'm reluctant to turn them on to it just yet. Like I said, I'm willing to push through it all, but most wouldn't.

I'd be more than happy to beta test anything that anyone is working on, just to give a "user's" angle, or in any other way help out. Any thoughts on what I can do, send it my way.
I'd like to do my small part to bring Linux to its rightful place and send Willy Gates to someplace undesireable.

The boat in the avatar...well, maybe one day.