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    Please allow me to introduce ...

    Hi All,

    I am Milton Shprintzen and I am based in the USA.

    I started a web development company out of California (LA) back in 1996, with my partners Bing Cintamani (provider of seed capital and the infrastructure) and K C Singh (conceptualizer and finder of funds for the business).

    Up to the year 2001, we were doing not too badly, with several cutting edge projects on line, with global following.

    The best known were: (the first real time price comparison, focused on books) &

    The first ever search engines focused on a single subject, later to be known as "vortal". &

    Pioneer Hollywood related sites.

    And many more....

    During 2001 however, we were forced to close down the business, due initially to the Dot Com disaster and then 9/11.

    We are currently working to get our business back up and running and try and get some of our best sites back on line.

    I have been in Europe for the last few months to see if we can establish a small base over here as well.

    We have found the cost of the hardware as well as the coding to be a lot higher over here in the UK, than it is back in the US though.

    Also, Microsoft seems to have a real hold in the UK!!

    Even so, we are going to try and get some thing going over here in Europe soon. I hope that we can count on getting help from a great open source community such as this.



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    woot woot, but one question, what do you run on your servers? Should the answer be true of heart, many a friendship you will start.

    (nice rhyming eh?)


    reguardless, were glad to have another member. So welcome to the forums!
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    How's the meteor?

  4. $spacer_open
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    interesting introduction...welcome to the site!!
    Linux For Ever!

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    welcome to the forum
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    Should the answer be true of heart.......

    qub333 asked: "....what do you run on your servers?...

    In the beginning (96/97) we had Sun servers running Sybase, but with Linux. Lots of problems with that at that time, not to mention the cost.

    Later we switched to building simple Linux boxes, which are now almost as good.

    Our pricer sites were using multi thread Java class files to grab the price data from the stores. The problem with that was, that after a while they get a bit "clogged".

    If and when we re launch the pricers, we may look to an alternative solution. May be C? Any expertise with price cmparison, any one?

    Even they have been offline for almost 3 years now, the servers were, and still are, kept at a small but very good ISP, called webcountry, based in LA. ( )

    And yes qub333, your rhyming was very smart!


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