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Thread: LFO song

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    LFO song

    Back in the age of stone --
    I was lonely and very cold.
    I was blind and all alone,
    Till one day by a bird I was told:

    Well, the little bird didn't lie:
    That place made my realize:
    I found that it was high-time
    To close the windows and say goodbye.

    I let a penguin in my home,
    I made a stand and took an oath:
    "From this day, I give you my word,
    I'll be the most faithful bird"

    The first steps were kinda hard,
    My wings were weak and the wind was strong,
    but as the days were passing by,
    the friendly flock taught me to fly.

    Now that I have learnt to fly,
    I can soar into the sky,
    But I'll come back to the nest
    To teach the new birds at my best.

    Time passes by, rivers flow,
    years increase and knowledge grows,
    But I won't let myself forget -
    Who taught me to my first few steps.

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    someone should write the melody to it in order to be played when someone logs in the site!
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    Great work

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    thats pretty cool
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    pretty cool, nice littletribute, no offence or anything but u need a better way to spend your time
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    Thanks. I just wanted to somehow tribute to LFO, because I've seen various users create banners for a link to LFO so I came up with this little song .

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    Awesome. Maybe one day I'll try to write some music to go with it.
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