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    MS trying to lockdown CD's with DRM

    check out this article at the register.... another step forward for M$'s plans to completely control the technology in our lives..

    anyone else feel like the everyone in the world is being treated like they are a guilty criminal without ever being put on trial or even charged with anything?? DRM is evil, and people need to wake up and realize that it does absolutely nothing to protect them.
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    I was just reading some recent info on DRM in my newest MaxPC. They had a preview of Longhorn (*gag*) and all it's "new" "features". There was a really great quote in there...let me run to the car and I'll post it...

    Quote Originally Posted by Will Smith
    Finding and installing new applications is ludicrously easy on most Linux distros these days. Microsoft needs to make finding new apps and loading them on a PC as easy as emerge does for Gentoo or apt-get does on Debian. I'm sick of the Installshield Installer.
    Will Smith is definately one of my favorite editors for MaxPC.

    They are also very anti-DRM over at MaxPC. It's good to see. DRM is nothing but B$. They claim that it will help you protect your data. How can you protect your data if THEY decide what hardware is trusted? AFAIK, DRM doesn't even mention anything about trusted users. No control.

    Also, it's possible that I could buy a CD and rip it. The next day, I want to take a few tracks with me on my music player. What if that's not a "trusted device"? I'm just SOL because I don't determine which devices I trust or not.
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    I think a trusted device would be defined as a microsoft device. Just like now with there crappy certification.... Unless it's MS, then it won't be 'certified'!

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    like make the fing ipod untrusted. I wanna see how long it wold take before longhorn cd's are melted in the streets.
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    omg!! what a atrosity(sp?) sounds like one more thing satan...oops i mean bill gates wants to get his iron claws grasped into....just cracks me up though cause my bet is that bout as soon as the DRM stuff comes out there will be something out for linux that will still be able to get past it.....hopefully this is something that will fall through and never become a reality

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