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    wow... big surprise that the page is written in ASP.... wonder what other M$ products the author was using to write this ridiculous article...
    Their code will be beautiful, even if their desks are buried in 3 feet of crap. - esr

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    Quote Originally Posted by copycon
    After a search I was able to find the article online, so even if the copyright infringement is allowed to continue it can at least be atributed. It was an article on PCmags web site by John Dvorak called "Killing Linux",4149,1115156,00.asp
    thanx i will remove it
    Cry out for freedom! Cry out for Linux!

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    Scare-mongering is probably the best way to describe that article. I just find it difficult to see how they will be able to ‘take away’ open sourceness’ from the community. If they stop us doing it one way, surely we will just find another way to do it.

    They cant patent innovation or the concept of ‘new ideas’, can they???
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    Re: The fate of linux?

    Quote Originally Posted by tr_wright1
    As the battle drags on, the Linux movement loses momentum, then dies.
    We're not the ones loosing cash,
    we aint gonna crash,
    brankcrupsy no way near
    but this war's end is near
    my friends, we're winning!
    Regards Scienitca (registered user #335819 - )
    A master is nothing more than a student who knows something of which he can teach to other students.

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    There is no war (Only in Iraq, and against terror) what is wrong with you people Yes windows exists people use it, MS doesnt like Linux but would you expect them to? Why are you all so bothered about it? If Linux is so great why does it need you lot to praise it people will notice if they dont then there is something wrong with the way Linux is doing things. Im sorry to rant but havent you lot got better things to do and a bit more maturate then to just post crap like this. These post proberbly bother me as much as ms/windows bothers you. Sorry to rant like that i normally just keep my moth shut i just keep seeing more trash like this and it just too much now damn you Yeh ms writes FUD wow its not like its the first time.

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    This article is by John C. Dvorak, a famous Linux hater
    I won't even comment to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathiasdm
    This article is by John C. Dvorak, a famous Linux hater
    I won't even comment to it
    Is it now? Well, I should have known. Moving on...
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