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    Some OSX Questions

    I have some OSX questions to ask if anybodys familar with macs, if you know of a good apple forum that's IT oriented I could go there.(Thanks in advance)

    The question(s) I have is:

    I know apple has OSX v10.4(tiger) and 10.5(leopard), if you purchase a computer with 10.4 do you get a free upgrade or do you have to actually buy leopard?

    Also, do macs come with a registration key of some kind? Like how your windows key is usually on a sticker on the side of the case.
    The reason I'm wondering this is because alot of people don't include the OSX discs for the computer, so could you just torrent the iso, burn it, then use your own registration key or other to wipe the computer and fresh install?

    Thanks again.

    P.S. I wasn't sure where to post this, I figured any apple/bsd fans would be here.

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    I don't think that you get a free upgrade. You are better off buying one that already has 10.5 in it or just buy the disc.

    No there is no registration number like Windoze!

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    I don't think so that there are free ISOs for Mac!

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    there are "free" isos, just not legal isos.
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    from what I know, mac uses a serial number to identify the hw,
    not the OS.

    And yes, you can find around non legal ISOs


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    [SOLVED] About downloading OS X

    Over the last year or so, I've seen a few questioned about the legality of using legal copies of Mac OSX, or 'obtaining' a copy of it.

    Here's the deal... If you happen to buy a copy of, say, Snow Leopard... you can legally us it on any number of computers that you have that are HW compatible with it.
    Downloading a copy... that's like DL'ing Windows. Not aloud.
    While the underlying system is Open Source BSD, the GUI is all proprietary. Meaning DL'ing is a very mild form of piracy.

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