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    Quote Originally Posted by Brainiac Ghost
    i use gentoo so the first thing i do is reun
    emerge xorg-x11
    then i run
    emerge kde

    I thought I'd comment on this...when I install Gentoo, the first things I do:

    emerge xorg-x11

    *Watch Braveheart and Lord of the Rings twice*
    *Contemplate the meaning of life, the universe and everything*
    *Realize the answer to the above contemplation is 42*
    *Contemplate just what in the world the question was...*

    emerge kde

    *Spend inordinately long amount of time doing things NOT on my computer and feel very sad at how few things there are to do*

    But yeah.. you get the idea. When I first start a gentoo system I spend an AWFUL lot of time...killing time.
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    mess around with the display properties and try and get it to work. I then install everything else and then trying to get my network working and the list goes on and on (thats yoper were talking about here)
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