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    What do you do immediately after a clean linux install?

    I mean, in XP, there are things I do immediately after installing fresh, eg, disable unwanted services, get rid of this and that, installing all s/w I need and getting rid of unwanted ones etc...

    In Linux I'm stuck with a shiny new install. and most often than not I go play frozen bubble....

    I need a poweruser guide to an efficient and streamlined linux box ( desktop)

    thank you!

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    it depends what software you're using and have installed, what distro you're using, what desktop environment or window manager you're using, etc.

    linux is different than XP in that you can install only what you need installed. hopefully you just selected the software you need when you installed linux. that gets rid of having to uninstall software later.

    as for disabling services, most distros - in the install - allow you to change this. i don't know exactly what you have installed and what you have running, so it really depends on this. try "top" at the command line to see some running processes. you can also do "ps aux".

    chances are, when you don't have X loaded (meaning your at the command line with no gui), your box probably isn't running much of anything to slow you down. the real slow part in linux is the gui, so choosing a light window manager will make your system much faster than using a desktop environment such as kde or gnome.

    again, something that could be done prior to the install is setting up a complex partition scheme. if you have just a swap and / partition, this may slow your system down. if you allocate a certain amount of space to certain directories, this may speed things up. it's sort of like something to prevent fragmentation - in XP, you aren't preventing against fragmentation but instead have to run a defragmenter every now and then (much worse than getting to the root of the problem).

    recompiling your kernel to only load the things you use would make your system a lot faster as well, especially since it reduces the amount of stuff loaded into RAM.

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    most distro has a homepage....and a faq to help you with installation and after installation procedures you may wanna check that too.

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    thanks for the input guys,

    first a few details: Mandrake 10 on a P4 2.4B and 1GB Ram + FX5200.

    Then my point: I wanted to know what linux powerusers do to optimize and tweak their box's performance just after an install. I understand that recompiling the kernel is a huge optimization tweak and will definitively attempt it in the near future.

    My ultimate goal is to become as good or a better power user of Linux than I already am at MS OS'es. <------- very pretentious.. considering I just learnt how to install the nvidia driver on mandrake and suse

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    I see your running 10.0. The first thing I do is configure sources and then update the box. Its all covered in my website at REMOVED

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    Unlike M$, as far as I know, Linux keeps no secrets. If you want to know what software is loaded during boot, you can see all that in /etc/inittab. Try
    man inittab
    to see how this works. From there you will see what loads for various runlevels and how you can control it.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDreamer
    <------- very pretentious.. considering I just learnt how....
    Not so much. I've amazed myself with what I've managed to figure out with Linux in just a few months. Linux is a system that not only asks "Where do you want to go today?", but it actually accepts more than one answer....
    //got nothin'
    ///this use to look better

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    Quote Originally Posted by drakebasher
    Linux is a system that not only asks "Where do you want to go today?", but it actually accepts more than one answer....
    I like that. I may quote it.
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    the first thing i do after i install linux is start installing the programs i need/want/get curious about...
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    i install firefox, irssi, mplayer, emerge (if i'm not on gentoo), and ogle right away

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    I don't install/enable apps/services I don't want so nothing to do there.
    I install Dropline GNOME if it's a desktop or laptop, nVidia driver, MPlayer and codecs, a couple of games and I'm good to go.
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