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    Well, I'll be darned...

    (I often bore my family to death talking about what I've done using linux, so eh, I'll spare them and write here, )...

    About 4 months ago I began a journey through the land of C, and though I have tried to traverse that rocky terrain about a decade ago I never really made it too far. Now however, I have made more progress through that horrid landscape.

    Whilst my excursions through code aplenty, I had found myself multi tasking several xterms, aterms, internet browser with multiple tabs, and several consoles. Thus, I needed to find a more simplistic path to gain a stronger foothold and a greater view of all that lay before me. So I began another journey into the wilderness of WM's, and that is where I had found ion3 and not far from there I was guided to dwm.

    Whilst, yet again, traversing through the wilds of code, I had a spark of inspiration. So I began with my .profile and gave it a whirl, now with just a simple insertion of text from my slackware shell I can startx however I wish...

    Playing, just using my computer, startx will suffice, and I'm off into the wonderful world of openbox.
    Using, tweaking, playing with my computer, aliases are quite nice. startion, startpwm, hell, I can even startdwm.
    Though, if I wish to have openbox and dwm at the same time, thus startobdwm...

    CTRL+ALT+F8 to dwm
    WIN+SHIFT+ENTER : xterm -fn -zevv-peep...
    WIN+SHIFT+ENTER : xterm -fn -zevv-peep... <tile windows>
    man ncurses
    WIN+J : change directories in mc to ~/programming/C/console
    WIN+2, WIN+SHIFT+o : opera
    WIN+SHIFT+ENTER : xterm

    CTRL+ALT+F7 to openbox
    CNTRL+TAB, down, down, right, down, right, click Konquest
    Play a bit, take a break, relax, then...

    dvtm (Still have a bit of tweaking to do with this, but eh, works great with man and vim).
    CTRL+ALT+F8 : back to dwm

    Who needs a mouse?

    (Granted, I'm sure there's much simpler methods of doing all this, but eh, I am still learning, and this is by far no where near everything I've done or learned. Eh, I'm just really shocked as to what all I can do, quite interesting)...

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    You sound like a candidate for a good poisoning... Rat Poisoning that is
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