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    A success story!

    Hello all,

    Well, where to start.

    I have been using linux for about 2 months now, with basically no experience beyond running a Gentoo mail and VoIP server for a year, I moved onto Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex to my laptop system while at university, along with dual-booting with windows 7 and having a Vista desktop machine. I knew nothing at all about Ubuntu or its family, the capabilities it offers and also the community that exists with it and all other Linux distros.
    My first two weeks were rocky, as during customising the system for some reason it died on me, but I didn't give up, just reinstalled, got all basic applications running, and backed up. I have pissed around with the system non-stop since then, no problems.
    My views on Ubuntu vs Windows = Apart from MS Office, better in every way. And of course, with wine, you got the best of both worlds.

    But of course, all this knowledge I have learnt, everything I have down is due to this forum, this website. Without the friendly community and the willingness for others to devote time to new (and of course old) users of Linux, this transition from Windows to Linux would have not been possible. I guess you could basically that I'm writing this to say thank you to the community as a whole, but also that because of everyone's help, direct or even their own posts which are held in the timeless vaults of the LF servers I'm sure that for hundreds of users the ability to use Linux as they have would not have been possible.

    So now I'm on it, my GF uses Puppy Linux (I know its crap, but its slow integration from Vista to Ubuntu or other distro, as I'm always trying out others); all my friends are finally starting to realise the world outside Microsoft's haven, one at a time they are being converted. And all thanks to the Linux Forum community.

    As always, many thanks,

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    Glad you are enjoying Linux and it's many benefits, we're glad to have you here and stories like this are what make it all worthwhile for a lot of our forum members. Congrats on the job well done.
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    Reason: I was a idiot and didn't proof-read
    lol... I wouldn't worry too much about that. I'm always finding errors in my own posts days after having proof read them over and over again.

    Glad you are having a great time with Linux!

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    You mean we're supposed to proof read?
    Why wasn't I told?!?

    Glad to hear Linux is turning out well for you and the GF. Keep having fun with it!

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    Where is that...hehe

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