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    Thumbs up New Embedded - Linux guy here :)

    Good morning all,

    My new motto : "In the land of Linux, if you listen hard at night you can hear the whirr of Windows machines rebooting."

    I am a newbie to Linux. As my name suggests, I am working on Analog Devices Blackfin Uclinux platform. Therefore I also work on developing the Blackfin code on a Suse host platform

    Now, I am new to all this. Read documents books etc on Linux. I am not a full time Linux developer also. I will be only working on the above said hardware platform.

    So, which forum do I need to use? I know that uClinux topics cannot be discussed here. However, to work on that I encounter a lot of Linux issues / questions, being new to all this stuff.

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    Welcome to the forums... hope you have fun here!

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    Well, you should be able to discuss uClinux topics in the "Other Distributions" forum here. Of course, you will not want to divulge trade secrets and such, but since Linux itself (and uClinux falls under that category, I think) is FOSS, there should not be a problem in discussing issues you are encountering. Personally, I have had a lot of experience in the development of realtime and embedded systems, though not with Linux.

    Anyway, welcome to the forums. I hope we can help you become successful in your new endeavors.
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