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    NP. As I said nothing wrong in it. But I have a suggestion...

    Instead of making it general purpose 'all-possible-distro' site, and kinda competing(?) with, why not make it a specialist forum. Like
    a) you can bring together ONLY distros based on debian or deb packages,
    b) distros based ONLY on redhat/fedora or those using rpm packages...
    c) you can go for exclusive slackware support (as of now is the officially recognised forum)...
    d) take the cause of more DYI type, compile yourself distros like LFS, Gentoo...etc...
    c) become all-in-one place for newer, less known/used distros...

    You will need less people and resources to maintain and more sophesticated you can become...

    Good luck...
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    hmmm intresting, however it makes it difcult bc i am no exspert any any specifi distro, this being said i am good with debian . any any .deb pkgs being that i have ran it for the last 6 years, and alos a skirt of mandrake, however, that has changed, i think the main focus is the content i beleive that adding a load of useless content to a load of useful serves the same ideal and that is "content" it is hard to make a site perfect or in return make the site seem as a "go to" is this the sites fault most cases not. it is the people who post on the site or the "content" that add this.

    so that why i would say many sites on the same content offer more then one site.

    people themselves are not perfect and linux is far from being understood buy any one person. no matter what they say they know

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