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    Spare us from M$

    Okay, I'm no fan of MS to start with, and I'm trying to work with it only because I have to. Almost six weeks ago I ordered a CD from MS for IE6 for a cost of like $6 (don't ask). Wondering where my disk is, I checked the link that was in an e-mail that I got when I placed my order. So apparently, to check on the status of my $6 order, I've got to register through ".NET Passport" which entails agreeing to Passports 5 page contract "Terms of Use" as well as to their 7 page "Passport Statement of Privacy". C'mon, now: I just want to know when I'll get my stuff!!!!

    I know nobody ever reads all the way through those, so how long before they start including a clause requiring your next-born to be of the seed of Bill Gates???

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    You must have missed the part about Bill being in cahoots with Satan and that by agreeing to the terms, you've just sold your soul to the devil.

    At least Tommy in O' Brother learned to play the guitar (real good). all you get is a lousy browser.

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