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    If you need a CD/DVD catalogizer, give a try to my program:
    Linux Usert#430188

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    I was introduced to Kitaro via this album. Hardly shallow...
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    Thanks for responding with the links and the artist names, guys. I really appreciate it. I just got my rig back up and running earlier tonight (turns out it was bent pins in the CPU socket), and I'm still going through the links. I'm seldom taken unawares as far as music is concerned, but there were a couple that surprised me. I really dig the space music Ozar. In fact, I liked most all of what I've heard so far.

    To return the favor, here's a couple slices of what I've been listening to this week:
    Bob Schneider - 40 Dogs
    Gomez - Airstream Driver
    Joe Ely - Me and Billy the Kid
    Adele - Chasing Pavements (acoustic version)
    As I ease toward "geezerdom" my tastes have mellowed and refined a little, which I guess is only normal. I still like to scream and bang my head on occasion, but those occasions come less and less frequently.

    Just an observation:
    The best stuff nowadays seems to come from unlikely sources; online communities, emerging countries, marginalized artists from decades ago... The mainstream music industry, at least here in the states, seldom produces anything of creative value and integrity. Thank god for the internet.


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    I can be found either 40 miles west of Chicago, in Chicago, or in a galaxy far, far away.
    Been listening to a couple of new Cajun CD's my wife got me last night - Joe Hall and the Louisiana Cane Cutters "Live at Nunu's", and Beausoleil avec Michael Doucet "Alligator Purse". Real toe-tappin' tunes! She went to the cajun festival at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn, IL. while I went to my bluegrass band practice. I think she had the better of it! At least she made up for it somewhat by getting me the recordings...
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    A slice of my 1980s as I lived it: Home made video mashup:Siouxie and the Banshees' Spellbound while watching this with volume off.

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    Savoy Brown and Jimi Hendrix

    @biker:~$ pianobar
    Welcome to pianobar (2010.11.06)! Press ? for a list of commands.
    [?] Username: 
    [?] Password: 
    (i) Login... Ok.
    (i) Get stations... Ok.
            0)     AC/DC Radio
            1)     Audioslave Radio
            2)     Avenged Sevenfold Radio
            3)     Buckcherry Radio
            4)     Chris Rea Radio
            5)     Depeche Mode Radio
            6) q   Evanescence Radio
            7)     Faith No More Radio
            8)     Gorillaz Radio
            9)  Q  rokytnji's QuickMix
           10)     Hoobastank Radio
           11)     Marilyn Manson Radio
           12)     Nickelback Radio
           13) q   Nine Inch Nails Radio
           14)     Puddle Of Mudd Radio
           15)     Savoy Brown Radio
           16)     Seether Radio
           17)     Stevie Ray Vaughan Radio
           18)     The Black Keys Radio
           19)     The Cult Radio
           20)     Thin Lizzy Radio
           21)     Thousand Foot Krutch Radio
    [?] Select station: 15
    |>  Station "Savoy Brown Radio" (376064381573039506)
    (i) Receiving new playlist... Ok.
    |>  "I'm Tired/Where Am I" by "Savoy Brown" on "Step Further"
    #   -03:37/05:05
    |>  "I'm Tired/Where Am I" by "Savoy Brown" on "Step Further"
    |>  "Love Or Confusion" by "Jimi Hendrix" on "Are You Experienced!"
    #   -02:02/03:12
    |>  "Goin' Upstairs" by "Sam Samudio" on "Duane Allman - An Anthology Volume II"
    #   -04:34/05:05
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