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    Favorite Distro.

    Just wondering what everyone's favorite Linux distro is.

    It's Gentoo here. I've not played with too many others, though, but I don't like RH that much. I'd like to try Slackware, SuSE and Debian when I get a chance (AKA broadband again).
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    Slackware is my definatly my favourite, this site is running on slackware 8.1.

    I started my linux career with Redhat, but now i just think it is pants.

    Started using Debian for the first time in my life at work today, so far i am impressed.

    Overall: Slackware for Server's, with Debian gaining ground for desktop usage.


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    Redhat for me only because its easier for us newbie's, we all have to crawl before we can walk . For you oldhatters out there , you have a whole bunch to choose from.

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    BHefore i tryed linux i tryed QNX unix. I then ent onto mandrake (8.2) and redhat (8.0). i olny really used mandrake and redhat for a few weeks before i got sick of them. I know have slackware 9 running on my workstation, and 8.1 running on my server. It has got to be my favorite. It doesn't seem to suffer from missing dependancies nearly as much as the other distro's ive tried. so its definatly slackware for me by a long shot...

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