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    realplayer for linux is vunerable?

    Quote Originally Posted by my email
    RealPlayer vulnerability: The digital security website eEye released an advisory Friday that says that a wide range of RealPlayer media players have security flaws that not only affect computers with Microsoft operating systems, but those with Linux and Macintosh operating systems as well. According to eEye, the "vulnerability allows a remote attacker to reliably overwrite heap memory with arbitrary data and execute arbitrary code in the context of the user who executed the player." A patch is expected in a couple of weeks.
    execute arbitary code? don't you need to be root to do that?

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    maybe it only affects morons who run everything as root. lol
    actually i used to be one of those morons... heh

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    Any user could execute "arbitrary code", but only root has the potential to execute arbitrary code that could have devistating consequences.

    Still, that's pretty freaking scary. Think it affects Helix Player, too?
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    "A patch is expected in a couple of weeks."

    well, you don't need to be root to have bastards running code for you that will "rm -fr ~" :/ But, who uses realplayer anyway, ne? :P
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    Yeah, this is yet another case of "doesn't affect me, I don't use the software". Whenever some "news" organization makes broad sweeping claims like "LINUX VIRUS FOUND!!!" I just have to laugh. Nine times out of ten it's a problem with some obscure program or library that I have never and will never use. I've never liked Real products.
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