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    Linux Beginners Textbook?

    After a brief trial of Lycoris, I sort of gave up on Linux for a few months. Now I am back with SuSE 9.1 loaded on my spare hard drive.

    While I have had good luck asking for help and getting advice here, what I would like is to learn a bit more about how Linux works rather than what keystrokes will fix my current problem. Is there any reccommended books out there for an absolute beginner? An Linux for Dummies or somthing that starts off at the very beginning?

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    Marcle Gagne's book Moving to Linux Kiss the Blue Screen Of Death Goodbye is an excellent book for a beginner.
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    One of the books from this site should help you. Other than that, there are the heaps of HOWTOs, FAQ's and manpages available within your distribution.

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    I'd recommend against "Linux for Dummies". If you can get around in Windows, you already know most of what's in the book.
    "Running Linux" published by O'Reilly is a really good book from basics to much deeper topics. Now in its 4th edition, you can see the 3rd edition here.
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    The O'Reilley [sp?] books are pretty good, there is one on fedora that includes fc2 on cd that really topically covers quite a bit with great brevity

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    Most books from are very much recomended as they have pretty much nothing but quality litterature. I would suggest you take a look there!

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    Linux Books

    For jumping into Linux World, dummies should start with "Begnning Linux Programming" by WROX
    Go for 3rd ed.


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