Ozar, as soon as i installed the chromium web browser I found out that it was not capable of printing anything, so I did not fool around with it at all. I did not like the fact that it would keep updating and still would not print anything.

When i discovered the daily website history it reminded me of windows xp!
The final straw was that it order for any browsing speed with it you have to leave the cookies on your computer. My first computer got messed up because I did not know anything about cookies and the need to delete them so that they do not occupy all of the storage space in my computer.

I still do not know diddley about computers but I have a feel for where google is going with their browser, which keeps asking to be made the prime browser before it even works properly. I do not want to be leashed and tethered to google!!

I do not want to be herded by google software into a pen I did not ask to be put into!! I do not think Linux users, as a whole, are going to be using Chromium!!