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Thread: Random tip

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    Random tip

    Since we're discussing cell phones anyway, I'll throw this one out there.

    Problem: You take video with your phone. It stores in .3g2 (quicktime) format. You go to play it back in Linux, and while everything plays the video, nothing plays the audio (or in the case of MPlayer, the audio is choppy; bug 1229).

    Reason: Outdated internal QCLP audio codec.

    Solution: Use FFMpeg for decoding audio. In the case of MPlayer, execute with

    gmplayer -ac ffqclp [filename.3g2]

    Enjoy the show!

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    This is an example of how OSS for Mobil device operating systems can improve issues such as this. The down side, OSS has a reputation of being somewhat quirky, something that frightens device manufacturers and carriers. They tend to want to micromanage every aspect of development of their products. OSS, gets passed around to many different people to come up with many different solutions to many different problems.

    The device manufacturers aren't very keen on the concept of collaboration outside their own organization partly because the business is so competitive. They are afraid of the possibility and even high probability that their competitors will be able to implement features that they would just as soon keep proprietary.

    In essence, the very nature of OSS is the source of it's greatest strengths and it's greatest weakness.

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