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    Introduction --- ZombyKillah

    Hi ...
    ... what shall I write ...
    So I am from far away ... how far depends on your position.
    I have a black humor.
    Bad gramma
    bad spelling ... witch is improved by the automatic spell correction ... which doesn't improve the gramma of my sentence ...

    Some basic knowledge about linux ... but I definitely lack in the detail and programing itself.

    Since I am a very ... damn whats the English word for "faul" ... lazy being I tend to write nonsense first and wait for some drastic correction ... so someone else takes the time to search the Internet for references ...
    Ups did I write that ... just forget that point.

    If anyone is interested in my unique nickname ...
    When I was in school I was bored out my mind ... so I've entered an status like an zombie ... not thinking, just living the days
    then I played some ego-shooter where I added killer ... or did I want to kill some other students for some reason ... I can't remember
    And including my spelling I ended up with ZombyKillah.

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    You can't kill zombies in Linux, ha ha!

    No, seriously. A "zombie" is a program that has terminated but the kernel hasn't cleared up its info. And the "kill" command, which is normally used to get rid of rogue programs, doesn't work because a zombie is already dead.
    "I'm just a little old lady; don't try to dazzle me with jargon!"

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    Welcome to the forums!

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