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  • RPM-based (Redhat, Fedora, Mandriva, SuSE, etc.)

    36 34.62%
  • DEB-based (Ubuntu, Debian, Xandros, Mepis, etc.)

    43 41.35%
  • Source-based (Slackware, Gentoo, LFS, etc.)

    15 14.42%
  • Other (Please explain)

    10 9.62%
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    src based : Slackware 13.1
    My primary system is OpenBSD. Have it on all my pc's.
    Also have Debian on some machines.
    Also like and have used Arch.
    I'm not a "bleeding edge" addict

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    Quote Originally Posted by Etna View Post
    distro-whore here, but mostly centered on RPM-based.

    Laptop is currently on OpenSUSE 11.1, desktop is on Fedora 10.

    used to favor Debian Lenny for near unrivaled desktop stability, but ditched it because the repositories were chock full of old packages. Case in point: the most up-to-date versions of Tcl and Tk in Lenny's repos were 8.4, and because of that i could not compile aMSN...

    Tried Mandriva but for 4 consecutive releases i have had nothing except problems with getting WiFi to work even once. That was the last straw, and all my Mandriva DVDs have probably been reduced to ash in the garbage incinerators by now.

    No intention to update to newer versions of the distros, simply because it was enough trouble to compile and install the proprietary Ralink + Nvidia + ATI drivers on each distro.

    Last but definitely not least, Ubuntu is currently somewhere in my dustbin. Both 9.10 and 10.04. Good riddance.
    Agreed about ubuntu .. it's horribly unstable and buggy. How they can take debian and make such a mess of it is beyond my understanding...

    What's your problem with aMSN ? .. it's installed and running rock solid here on my Lenny64 box.. installed from the repositories as usual .. Very rarely have to compile anything mainstream like that.. only weird stuff like c-lit needs building.

    (still giggling at the "just joined" .. 4 1/2 years .. just joined.. hahahahaha)

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    Use Ubuntu as my standard system on the 10 or so systems I support.

    Ubuntu's not perfect but it's solid, widely used, with good support and big community. I haven't had the bugs some posters mention, other than the good ol' CPU/index problem.

    Also use Puppy on older systems with limited memory (128M up to less than 512M). Puppy is amazing because it's the only small Linux I know of that has great ease of use and all the apps most people need bundled.

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