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  • Fedora

    6 7.50%
  • Debian

    7 8.75%
  • Ubuntu (any variety)

    33 41.25%
  • Mandriva

    3 3.75%
  • OpenSUSE

    9 11.25%
  • Slackware

    0 0%
  • Mint

    16 20.00%
  • Damn Small Linux

    0 0%
  • PCLinuxOS

    3 3.75%
  • Other (please specify)

    3 3.75%
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    As far as current releases go, I would have to say OpenSuSE and Fedora (for the adventerous newbie), and Ubuntu, if you don't want to dual-boot Linux distros. I'd probably still be using Xubuntu if it wasn't for my lack of wil to puzzle out Grub 2's entries (I can't really work Grub Legacy's entries), and it's willingness to let crucial bugs exist to maintain the rigid 6-month release.

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    I have tried quite a lot of distros and have the least of post installation fuzzes with MINT 7.

    Thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hazel View Post
    I'd recommend Puppy because you can run it out of Windows initially and it has a very friendly, unthreatening desktop.
    thanks for sugestion,can i run puppy from cd?

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    I've always thought Fedora to be a good choice.
    It's friendly, and still let you dig into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brutbrutbrut2 View Post
    thanks for sugestion,can i run puppy from cd?
    Of course! That's the whole point of a "live" distro. But running from a CD is slow. If you copy the disk image to your hard drive, you speed up everything. You can't do this easily with a full-size live distro, but you can with Puppy.
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    My vote would be Mint. Yes there is a bit of hunting to do,though not at all that bad, to make it FULL multimedia capable. I had some luck with PCLOS 2007 it's no longer supported, no luck with it's variants. Tried Fedora 7(that got me trying Linux) Fedora 9 used for 6 months before the updates slowed it. Fedora 10 & 11 were too buggy for my system. My fave is Mint 7(stored on another harddrive), am using Opensuse 11.1 at the mo.(it requires a bit to make it multimedia as well). Btw, I like both the major desktops Gnome and KDE(3.5 my fave) tried the others too.
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    just started with fedora 12

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    Im using Debian and really love it

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    i strongly believe that newbies should start with Arch Linux before going on to graphical-install distros like OpenSUSE and Fedora.

    By building up an entire Arch Linux system from nothing but the command line and individual packages, you learn much about the underpinnings of Linux, which makes it much easier to appreciate graphical distros.

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    Under that same logic, I used to advocate that people thoroughly learn DOS before running Windows so they'd actually have an idea of what was going on and the function and responsibility of an OS, as well as the limitations and proper organization of the file system.

    Now, most users don't even know how a hard drive works (magic blue smoke?).

    I guess it depends if the user wants to be a knowledgeable and responsible user or just wants an easy to use idiot friendly system. I think most people just want easy, which is why I voted Mint.

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