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Thread: Linux-based daw

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    Linux-based daw


    I got here through searching for info on a LINUX-based DAW

    I found some interesting stuff but when I clicked on the links people had posted, the links I waqnted to visit went to page not found.

    I then realized that the 2 threads I found were 3 and 4 years old, with the 3 years old one being just a first post just a question with no replies...

    Quite disappointing! That may indicate that there is not much progress made in 4 years and not much interest in using LINUX for a Digital Audio Workstation.
    I have tried several times to move to LINUX and every time I found windows answered my needs better and the applications I used ran faster and more smoothly.
    But I do think that LINUX is a great idea and a great reality and here I am again trying to look at another aspect , the LINUX-based DAW
    Are you aware of any progress on the matter? Are you aware of who might be today the best people to advise me on that?
    Are there new developments? What’s the latest?
    Many thanks

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    Have you checked out Ardour? It's used by a lot of people, including professional studios, and it's quite mature. Unless you have very specific and unusual needs, it ought to cover what you're looking for.

    As for pro audio on Linux in general, I've been following the packages made by CCRMA at Stanford Univ. for several years. They package a real-time kernel specific to audio that is useful if you do a lot of audio processing. They're mainly Fedora- and CentOS-based, but even if you don't use those distros, you can learn a lot about the audio processing software that exists for Linux by reading about the ones they package.

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    There is the audio-studio version of Ubuntu, Ubuntu Studio.

    Home | Ubuntu Studio

    Then there is the already mentioned PlanetCCRMA. It is a set of packages that turn a regular installation of Fedora into an audio-studio. I recently started a thread on installing it.

    Installing PlanetCCRMA on Fedora 12
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