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    Question Networking/Administration/Security training?

    Hello everybody!
    I am new to this forum, do not throw a pie at me
    I did use a search, but did not find what I was looking for.
    For couple month now I am thinking about education and how to get one in networking/systems administrations/security now a days, questions are quite simple, I am looking for valuable education that will put me into networking career.
    What I do now\done in past: LAMP developer with over 5 years of experience, I am working on linux(RH/DEB)platform as my home, server and work machine for couple years now and love Linux and the way it works, would love to get deeper into it.
    I am thinking of going into Red Hat training, for RHCE program, and like the course, but also heard that if I don't have "CISCO" certs. employers not even gonna look in my way...
    SO what is the ideal path here?
    What is the program, that covers everything that I need to be good corp.-lavel systems administrator\network engineer?

    Thank you!

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    so...any one?

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    If you are looking into going Network engineer then Cisco cert is the way to go.
    If you are looking to go Linux admin then Redhat is the way to go.

    Either way you decide to go schooling is going to cost you. There is no one class for everything. Both have broken down their training in many sub classes.

    These are the well know certs to have. Now the problem. Too many people and not enough jobs.

    The CISCO path.
    The RedHat path


    The adventure of a life time.

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    any form of linux admin training will usually consist of basic admin and configuration and of course troubleshooting
    because there are so many different distros
    you are on the right track to start with by using the forums! If we dont have the answers then we will try to find them.
    becoming a linux guru requires a lot of dedication (and a few truckloads of coffee)
    if you are in anyway hesitant to try exploring then linux is not for you.
    with any os the primary thing any user needs to learn is properly backing up the files.
    I currently use 6 different distros and make backups of configurations.
    this allows rapid recoveries and setups

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