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Thread: About MySQL

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    About MySQL

    Hi folks,

    After the completion of acquisition of Sun by Oracle many MySQL users are prepared for the worst migriting away from MySQL. I have done some search in this respect. Following are my searching result on MySQL replacement;

    Postgres Pluas]EnterpriseDB: The Enterprise Postgres Company - Open Source Database

    FederatedX now part of MariaDB!


    MariaDB 5.1.42
    MariaDBownload]Error -

    MariaDB versus MySQL
    MariaDB]Error versus MySQL -

    Pool of Threads
    Manual:Contents -

    PostgreSQL: The world's most advanced open source database

    PrimeBase XT Storage Engine for MySQL
    PrimeBase Technologies - PBXT Storage Engine for MySQL

    The Percona XtraDB Storage Engine
    percona-xtradb:start [Percona DokuWiki]

    Any comment and/or anything to add?

    What will be the replacement for VirtualBox apart from KVM/QEMU?


    Hereinbelow are the links relating to the latest issue on MySQL

    Monty says
    Monty says

    MySQL users hope for the best, prep for the worst
    MySQL users hope for the best, prep for the worst

    Save MySQL
    Save MySQL! Customers pay the bill

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    Once something has been released under the GPL, you really cannot put the genie back in the bottle, so to speak. So, even if Oracle swallows MySQL, there is a large community of developers working on it that probably couldn't care less... However, one thing I know is that Oracle is a pretty savvy software company and probably won't do much to interfer with MySQL, other than reducing the amount of resources (people) it assigns to work on it full-time. If they keep people coming to their web site to download, get support, etc then they can use it as a marketing opportunity for their Oracle Enterprise Database software. Yes, MySQL is smaller, easier to maintain, fairly robust, etc, but enterprises that have the need for very large and complex databases with more robust security requirements will continue to go with Oracle, DB2, etc. Honestly, I've worked with every major relational database since 1982 and while Oracle is a major PITA in many respects, it works well, works 365x24, scales well from PCs to mainframes and handles thousands of concurrent users with ease.

    So, if you want a replacement for MySQL and you have a large investment in that technology, don't be in a hurry to change.
    Sometimes, real fast is almost as good as real time.
    Just remember, Semper Gumbi - always be flexible!

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