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    Linux Still Dominating Supercomputers

    It appears that Linux still does it best, as 470 of the Top 500 Supercomputers run Linux, with about 25 machines running some variation of Unix, and only 5 machines running Windows:

    iTWire - Nearly every supercomputer runs Linux

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    That makes sense to me. These are highly specialized systems and the ability to tweak the kernel and write device drivers for weird crossbar busses and such needed for HPC is not something to sneer at. Linux gives the users of these systems all the tools and flexibility they need to get their work done effectively and efficiently. My wife is a PhD physicist working in the computer division of Fermi Lab, and they run massively parallel systems (thousands of processors) to crunch the terabytes of data generated daily by the lab's experiments. There is no way in Hell that Windows could do what they need for this.

    FWIW, they use Scientific Linux for these systems, which is a version of RHEL/CentOS.

    One last thing, Fermi Lab's computer cluster isn't even on the 500 list, although Argonne National Lab (near here) is on the list with #9, an IBM PPC cluster (probably running AIX), and #292, a Xeon cluster running Scientific Linux.
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    Glad to know that!

    And so I guess it's safe to say LINUX RULES!

    I've been somewhat at a loss lately on what further steps to take. When I started all I have in mind was to eventually learn how to administer a server. I didn't know then that my dream was not as easy as it may seem since I found out that there are many kinds of server and it can be very intricate to operate at times.

    I considered the possiblities of taking online courses but again, there were so many choices and I'm not sure which to take.

    Sometimes, I also am drawn to world of computer forensic. Seems to be a very interesting field too.

    I know of somebody who is earning pretty decent money while working at home. He is a systems ad. I'm not saying that it's not important but the guy did not even have to take formal linux training in order to have that job. He just needed to know what needs to be done. I guess he googled his way to knowledge, if I may say

    Need some encouragement guys, thank you!
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    As of 2/2/11 all of the top 8 supercomputers in the world use Linux!

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