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    Putty Crashing on Windows 7 64bit

    Putty Crashing on Windows 7 64bit
    When using Putty to SSH into a RHEL 5 server, while running XMING to display XWindows, when switching back and forth between Windows Windows and the PUTTY terminal window, sometimes PUTTY is frozen. Sometimes the application I switch from is frozen too.

    We are running:
    OS: Win7Prox64bit
    SSH: PUTTY 0.60
    XServer: XMing

    Any ideas?

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    Perhaps someone will reply to either/or/both thread(s).

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    Same situation (putty 0.60+W7/64), same problem. But XServer is Xming

    Any known solutions?

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    should probably look for support for windows applications on a windows forum or their respective application help forum

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    Response to: coopstah13

    The users of an application such as Xming are most likely Linux guru's and not Windows gurus since it is specifically an application meant for viewing Xwindows from Linux/Unix servers. The Linux world may have more experience and have better expertise in this area than Windows folks.

    I have posted on Windows forums. Just because it is a Windows application, does not mean it is a Windows side error. It could have something to do with the connection to the Linux server.

    Hence, why I posted with Linux as well.

    Any other ideas/pointers?

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    There is a new release .39 available. Do you know if it works now? Or, did you find an alternative solution?

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    I am forced to run a windows workstation by company policy, even if 99% of my work is on unix servers.
    I tried each and every windows ssh client -commercial or free- and they are all unusable, incomplete and sluggish.

    My solution is to run a fedora VM in bridged mode, the screen set to seamless.
    Parcellite on fedora does a good job to ensure copy/paste from/to windows works.
    My tools are there.
    Terminal behaves like it should.

    Imho, putty and the like are only for occasional use.
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    Have you tried cygwin/X at all? Sure, it is a bit larger on install, but not that much, and you can install X in a (somewhat) *nix environment. I find it much more reliable than putty.


    I also support running Linux in a virtual machine. VirtualBox is free and extremely reliable. Plus, you get a whole *nix environment that way.

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    @gruven, I am not sure how I feel about essentially having another complete OS running on top of Windows for both performance and security reasons. Cygwin is not maintained frequently enough and without a SLA, I am not sure how comfortable I would feel having it as part of my defacto setup.

    As for the putty issue. I recently came across Xshell and Xmanager from NetSarang and I am in the process of testing them out now. They seem quite robust and stable, probably the best package I have seen yet.

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