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    I Spammed for Several Days

    Hello guys!

    Have been inactive for the past week or so in the forums since I got my first job in the IT industry that only requires me to work for 8 hours a day and at home.The paycheck is not that substantial yet but it could have been really a big help for me.

    I say "could have" because after several days of work and training, I realized that I was already doing Spamming. I was advised to open up alias yahoo accounts and to register in as many forums as I can and put links like THIS. So i tried to do it as discreetly as I can until i noticed that I was beginning to be banned in forums. I was not even allowed to register in other new forums since according to them, they do not allow spammers.

    I respect people's rights to do what they feel they should do but personally, I can't do it. After realizing that I had already crossed the line in my promoting of websites, I tendered my resignation. Lost some money, but ended up happy. Anyways, our small family business would also be needing more of my attention.

    Thanks for you time!
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    Hey! You didn't know. Will tip a beer later and pour some on the ground saluting your morales nujinini.

    I woulda hated to have to ban you at AntiX forums. (I am a mod there) I woulda pmed you first though .
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    Quote Originally Posted by nujinini View Post
    I was not even allowed to register in other new forums since according to them, they do not allow spammers.
    Sorry to hear the new job didn't work out, nujinini.

    Regarding not being allowed to register at some sites, there are spammer databases out there that are full of spammer info and if your email address, IP address, or username shows up in them, many sites are setup so that you can't register. In other words, they pro-actively try to prevent the spam rather than clean up after the fact.

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    Way to go Nujinnini. We're proud of you. Too many people sacrifice their beliefs and honor to make a few dollars. Sorry the job didn't work out like you wanted, but you are a better man than that.

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    I have to admit " spammers " have made me really dislike them and the things they do messing with folks lives.
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    Thanks guys!

    Good to be home!
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    Oh man! Was that the SEO job? Still, it's nice to know that there are people out there with principles.
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    I admire you! I hope I would have done the same, but you never know till you're tested.
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    Was that the SEO job?... it right elija! Better luck next time for me I guess

    ...I would have done the same, but you never know till you're tested.
    Thanks hazel! I'm pretty sure most of us here at LF would have done the same thing if asked to do something against our personal beliefs.
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    Well done nujinini, I think the important thing is, what ever makes you happy is usually the best way to go.
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