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    To make a Windows screen saver work under Linux. First create a screen saver folder in your user folder, For me its /home/steve. Next copy over a Windows Screen saver from one of your Windows boxes. For the naming make sure that there are no spaces. You can use an underscore if you want. Right click on the screen saver choose properties then Permissions. Change Group Access to Read and Write Change Others Access to Read and Write then check mark Execute and click close. Then Create a Launcher on the desktop "Right click on the desktop click on Create Launcher". Enter a name, then The target for the Command should look like this "/home/steve/Screensavers/Mobiltech.scr /s" minus the quotes. Change steve to your user name and Mobiltech.scr to the name of the screen saver you have chosen, then Click close. It is important to note that you must enter a space then forward slash s, otherwise it will not work. Sometimes the launcher doesn't appear if that happens then right click and hit Reload or Refresh. Double click on the launcher. Remember that you will need to disable the Linux screen saver so that way it doesn't over lap yours. Some screen savers don't work. If you have Wine installed then you can right click on the screen saver and open with notepad then you can edit it if that is available.
    I have been looking for instructions to make a Windows screen saver work under Linux for a long time and haven't found anything helpful. I hope you find this helpful enjoy!

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