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Thread: Job?

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_guy_dressed_in_black
    Quote Originally Posted by dylunio
    I'm only a year 11 studant.
    what age are you?
    i am 16 and have been in education for just close to 12 years
    would that make me a year 12?
    im 16 17 next may if its to do with your age?
    I'm 15, and doing GCSE at the end of the school year, you would be in year 12 here in Wales, since your birthday's in may.
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    i'm a freshman in highschool.

    I'm 14, and I have no clue what you guys are talking about with the UK school systems. I live in the US .


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    I am currently working for Alienware, they sell "over budget" game PCs for people who are into big hardware configurations for running state of the art games that consume resources like hell. Unfortunately, they don't use linux at all. Windows is all they ever use. I guess i could make a difference there and try to get them into admin duties using linux.

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    I work as an adjunct sociology professor and part time for the university computer lab as a technician. Also, working on my dissertation in my spare time...hmm spare time...

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    student currently (freshman in H.S.), sometimes a little helping with computer problems
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    college student majoring in American Studies. the only job i've ever had was a sailing instructor.

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    student at university - work with the IT department on Windows computers

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    biophysics/math student that studies and works way too much.

    i am in charge of the physics dept. computers. they run linux in the lab for doing complex math stuff that you need stability for long term. i'm the only one who can use linux in the dept. proficiently.

    i also am the physics for scientists and engineers lab assistant, and tutor.

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    CS/Mathematics major with about 6 semesters to go. My job involves network infrastructure (Cat5e/fiberoptics termination), though I'm currently researching a PBX solution using Asterisk.
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    I'm a third year Bachelor of Arts student.

    And the bookkeeper for a small company.

    Yes, even third year English students can use linux -it's just that easy!

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