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    Thanks for inviting me to join your group.

    Hi all:
    Thank you for inviting me to join your group. Allow me to tell you a little about myself. I am 63 years old and retired. When I'm not visiting my kids and playing with my grandchildren I spend most of my free time on the computer, as I've been doing since the late 70's when I bought my very first system, a brand new Commodore 64 for about $250. Anyone remember those? I have always loved working with computers and over the years I was never very far away from one. However, I was always an MS-DOS/Windows user, and have never enjoyed having any experience with Linux--until now.
    I just installed openSUSE Gnome v11.2 on my Gateway netbook, having previously run Vista. I'll share the reason for the sudden switch in platforms in a future post, if anyone is interested. Anyway, I am not unfamiliar with MS-DOS shell commands and batch file programming, having used both--as well as BASIC commands--long before Windows was even a glimmer in Bill Gates' eye! And, yes, even after I started using Windows there were many times when it still seemed easier or more gratifying to perform tasks using the command prompt or running a batch file or simple BASIC program than than to deal with Windows utilities, none of which were customizable. However, Linux is significantly more powerful, more complicated, and therefore more challenging to learn--at least for me, especially at my age, which is why I am now bothering this esteemed group.
    Does anyone out there know of documentation [with explanations] that I can download to learn these commands and to practice writing simple scripts--perhaps something like "Linux for Dummies"? Any help or guidance that anyone can offer will be gratefully appreciated.
    Bob Marma

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    Quote Originally Posted by robert_marma View Post
    Does anyone out there know of documentation [with explanations] that I can download to learn these commands and to practice writing simple scripts--perhaps something like "Linux for Dummies"? Any help or guidance that anyone can offer will be gratefully appreciated.
    Bob Marma
    Welcome aboard, Bob!

    You can check for some quick and easy lessons on learning and using the Linux command line.

    Hope you'll have lots of fun with it.

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    Hi, Bob!
    Welcome to LinuxForums!

    Believe it or not... my first computer was a Com64.
    And my first Linux book really was 'Linux for Dummies!'

    I've found that that this is the place to learn, though... I've tried to help a few folks with their issues...
    Got a bunch of help with a few of my own!
    One of the most useful tools you'll find is the man pages. You can either find them online in that link, or execute
    man <command>
    in a terminal.

    I think you'll like it here!

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    I haven't had the time to read The Linux Documentation Project yet. You might want to go ahead of me .
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    Welcome to the forums Bob!

    If you're comfortable with text based interfaces then you're gonna love Bash (the default textual shell on any Linux distro). It's very powerful. Advanced Bash Scripting Guide should get you started
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    Welcome to the forum. Like you, I started years ago. Remember the Sinclair computer?

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    nujinini, ozar, jayd512, MASONTX, and other kind respondents,
    Thanx for responding to my initial post so quickly. Your suggestion to log into "Linux man pages" was excellent, although, believe it or not, I actually checked that one out a few days ago, shortly after installing openSUSE on my little netbook, but when I did I simply didn't have the time to go through each link. I usually copy pertinent information and past it into a word processor or text editor for future reference, and I did save the URL for that link in my list of pertinent URLs. Having a large command/statement repertoire is an excellent idea, but I'm also going to need help with structure and syntax if I'm ever going to write useful Linux shell scripts. This, after all, is my ultimate goal. As I indicated in my initial post, I'm no stranger to the command prompt and to programming, but I've never done anything with Linux or with any Linux- or Unix- based OS, and my limited experience with MS-DOS and BASIC has done little to prepare me for Linux, which appears to be emmensely more powerful and complex. I guess what I really need is your "Linux for Dummies" book, or something like it--at least to get started. However, I'll continue poking around for novice guides.

    Thanx again, and hoping to hear from more out there, I remain ...
    Bob Marma (Grateful newbie)

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    Forgive me if I left anyone out
    Bob Marma

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    Just some more stuff to get you in trouble (just kidding) Makes you dangerous enough to break your install.

    bash commands - Linux MAN Pages

    Howdy and Welcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rokytnji View Post
    What a weird list. Most of those commands are standalone programs which will run fine in any other shell. Why call them bash commands?

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