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    A program to update motd

    I installed about 200+ RHEL servers. The customer wanted the Message of the Day to clearly identify which server you were logged into as well as provide other information that varied for different servers. From time to time I expected to have to modify the motd on many of the servers.

    I didn't relish the idea of doing this manually, so I wrote a small Windows application that allowed me to design a number of motd "templates". The app utilizes a simple database that contains the server IPs and other unique data that could be subsituted into the template.

    With just a few clicks of the mouse my application can create hundreds of unique motd files in mere seconds and then SCP them to the appropriate servers. I can now update the motd quickly and easily on all 200+ servers.

    I would like to distribute this program as 100% freeware (wiith voluntary donations accepted). I am looking for some input. Is this something that other Linux server admins would be interested in? Did I "reinvent the wheel", meaning was there already a way of doing this?

    If I proceed, I plan on hosting a basic website where the program can be downloaded. Any recommendations on how to get the word out?

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    That's something you might want to host on a site like However, I think Linux admins would prefer that the tool run natively in Linux. Myself, I refuse to use Windows unless there is just no other option.
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    I second that. A windows program seems unnecessary.
    We have close to 1k server in 2 datacenters.

    a) DNS and hostnames are good enough for differentiaion.
    Aka: They are all named <PREFIX><NUMBER>.<DOMAIN>.<TLD>
    and each one has at least one CNAME, describing it´s function: <INTERNALTOOL>.<DOMAIN>.<TLD>

    b) If I really wanted to change motd on all servers, I would use cfengine.

    c) pssh or even a bash for-loop, that ssh´es into the boxes, can do the same.
    (although root login is disabled on my boxes, and so escalating might be a bit tricky)

    Imho there is no need to use a specialized program for changing motd, sorry.
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