I'm posting it here instead of the "programming and scripting" subforum because it's not quite important, and some people seem to do this sort of stuff, post less important stuff on the lounge. Or that's the impression that I had at least.

I was thinking of doing a pipemenu "GUI" for mplayer to use with openbox instead of mpd/mpc (mimicking obmpc and a few improvements I was planning to it). It won't be that hard to have very basic functions going, but I won't be able to do anything minimally fancy (to reach to current level of fanciness that obmpc has) if I don't get things like metadata from what mplayer is playing in slave mode.

I can have the basic controls by echoing some commands to a fifo file, but if I echo "get_meta_artist" and other commands like that, I don't receive any output at all. Is it "somewhere", just not being passed as a normal output I'd receive from a command? Something I could perhaps get from a variable like "$!"?

I tried echoing $!, but it does nothing. I've also tried making the whole echoing of the command into a variable and then echoing the variable, but it also does nothing. Well, both actually print an empty line, whereas the echo > fifo alone wouldn't do that.