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    I started using Linux a year and a half ago as part of a dual-boot system. Since then, I've installed it on all of my computers and no longer dual-boot Windows on any of them. For the few apps that I absolutely won't work with Wine, I use VirtualBox, but even that is getting so rare that it takes forever for the virtual machine to start up due to all the updates that need to load. I'll NEVER go back! Even without updates, it still takes forever to boot, even with a minimal installation with few apps installed.

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    Ah, I remember the old days of having windows take forever to load...
    Surprisingly, I've installed Windows Server 2008 R2 on the laptop I've had for about 4 years now, in dual boot, and I have to say that both Windows and Linux take about the same time to boot, both somewhere under a minute, with Arch still being faster.
    Yes, updates take time when they happen, but so do disk checks on linux.

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    I hired on about 20 years ago as an "any operating system but Microsoft" engineer (after about 8 years of being a developer and DBA). When I became chief engineer, my guys would look to me for advanced technical knowledge of everything else, but the consensus was "Don't let him touch the Novell or Windows servers". I still don't know how to do cretin things.

    I don't have a dog. The avatar is a beloved (but no longer with us) 17 year old cat, glaring at a mouse he had gummed to death. Pretty much what my guys are afraid I'd do to a Windows box.

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    When I first started using Linux I dual booted but a few monts a go after a windows up date it faild to boot so I deleted it and put it in a virtual box but all I've done with it is run updates.

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    I don't know if updates helps windows speed up. once I did a fresh install of xp It ran surprisingly fast then after downloading and update it slowed down a lot.

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