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    Once upon a time, whan i was a pimple-faced teenager, I used to visit some computer science cources in college. There, I installed my first linux distro(Mandriva linx 2005). And I just enjoyed like a some sort of candy(cool, man, I can use console, like true hacker!11). And so, I began to learn linux, shell, and, by the way, programming(at first it was C, but now it's python/lua). Then, I entered the university, and there I began use linux as administrator of some of our university servers.

    Now, I think, that linux(well, not only linux. but another unix-like OS) is the good choice for my work - it's stable, secure(Windows haven't Selinux and AppArmor). I can install linux not only from CD/FlashDrive, but from network too. Linux is very customizable, it runs not only on X86/X86-64, but on SPARC/MIPS/AVR too. Sometimes linux have a better hardware supporrt, as windows(for example - Digium Telephone cards - they are working only with linux+asterisk).

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