Ok so call me crazy but i have been brainstorming this idea for a very long time and i figured i would get some help here considering most umpc's run off of one form of linux or another. so my idea is to have an ultra light wieght computer that is housing is a backpack, and has a touchscreen that would bee straped to your forarm. the screen is detachable, and you can connect your computer say to a regual desktop monitor if need be. also it has some intergration of the pay 30 dollars a moth to verizon and get five gigs of internet type of deal, also along with your statrd wifi. the problems that i have ran into so far is cooling (the main issue of running a full sized light weight comp) worrys of solar electricity build up due to the material of the backpack, wieght, and last but more than likley not the least is power. for heating i have been doing some research i do belive from what i have found is Peltier cooling or thermoelectric cooling. (mainly because i think there could be some possibility of thermal power to also help with the power issue) if any one has any other ideas on colling let me know. next issue is static electricity i have had absolutly no idea on how to solve this issue (shrink wrap?) so please let me know. lastly is weight, but i wont be able to figure anything about that until i actually have all of these other problems thought out. my main thought of this is to have a computer that is capabile of doing almost anything a regualar desktop computer can do. so please drop me a line and let me know what you think

thanks alot