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    Feedback about Ubuntu

    The graphics in the browsers are low quality, It's slow I don't want to compare Ubuntu with Win7 but that is what I used before I used this. Ubuntu feels like WWindows XP after a couple months running. The Installation was painful, yes I know its free, but its Ubuntu 10.10 its frustrating. The wifi LED blinks alot; and keys get stuck. If I keep finding things that are wrong with this I might try something else out. Win7 was smooth, Uuntu does have some good features though and I hope it only keeps getting better and fixes these problems. With this OS the computer and wifi do not like eachother, it's slower than when Im on Win7 I switched from Firefox to Opera to try and fix this with no luck. I guess I shouldnt compare this to Win7.

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    Ok i figured one prob i was having, its the quality of the pics, it was becasue "turbo" was on in Opera so it made the pics ******. I wrote this entry out of frustration. I guess i wass expecting this to be better than windows. Someday ubuntu, someday

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