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    "Put" in SFTP command

    Hey All,

    I am facing with a new problem while using put in sftp command.I'm getting a message "skipping the new file" when im trying to put the file in the remote computer.Can anyone please try help me in this.Please elaborate on how exactly we use put command.


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    Have you tried the command:
    man sftp
    Here is what it says about the put command within sftp:
         put [-Ppr] local-path [remote-path]
                 Upload local-path and store it on the remote machine.  If the
                 remote path name is not specified, it is given the same name it
                 has on the local machine.  local-path may contain glob(3) charac‐
                 ters and may match multiple files.  If it does and remote-path is
                 specified, then remote-path must specify a directory.
                 If ether the -P or -p flag is specified, then full file permis‐
                 sions and access times are copied too.
                 If the -r flag is specified then directories will be copied
                 recursively.  Note that sftp does not follow symbolic links when
                 performing recursive transfers.

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